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Responsibilities and Support


Responsibilities and Support

Alumni events and reunions

The Faculty hosts a range of events for its alumni. We also encourage you to attend the University’s public lectures.

To know more you can visit our events and news page.

Alumni Events

We bring together science innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs to discuss current scientific updates and issues as well as to find potential solutions and opportunities

Our activities and achievements:

  • Achieve the faculty’s mission in the field of community service.
  • Supportstudents in their career path and providing them with the required information to simulate any change in the labor market.
  • Lifetime support for students in their career and help them advance their scientific knowledge and practices.
  • Develop academic programs in the faculty to prepare graduates to the current labor market needs.
  • Provide graduates with information on available job opportunities.
  • Apply focus groups and workshops with graduates to develop the current training programs and its outputs according to the needs of the labor market.