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Graduate Tracking Unit

Graduate Tracking Unit

The establishment of the unit

The unit was established in 2009 upon the resolution of the Faculty Council.


  1. To achieve the mission of the faculty in the field of community service.
  2. To build a database that facilitates the correspondence between the faculty and its students.
  3. To provide students with information about the possible work fields and development and on the importance of the continuous education.
  4. To create college programs in line with business needs
  5. To provide students with educational and job opportunities, nationally and globally.


  1. To establish a graduation body.
  2. To provide students with information on potential career opportunities and on-going employment.
  3. To visit and interview students to improve existing training programs and their results in line with the needs of the labor market.
  4. To invite graduates to attend special and public events at the faculty.
  5. To offer jobs and training courses for graduates.
  6. To provide financial and training support to the faculty.