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Technology Services Unit

Technology Services Unit

About the Unit

The Technology Services Unit of the Faculty of Science was established in October 2013 to provide information technology services to faculty clients, including students, employees, faculty members, and their assistants. The goal of the unit is to provide distinguished services in the field of information technology at the faculty, via the effectiveness of ICTP projects. Other programs include: Information- Management Information Systems- Information Technology Training- Digital Library- E-Learning.


Information technology is one of the fundamental elements that enable universities to carry out their key tasks: science, education, and learning. In this way, the successful vision of the e-services unit must reflect the notion that information technology is not something separate or controlled by a single individual. Rather, it is a collection of tools that promote the achievement of the missions and goals.


The university's information and technology programs aim at improving information infrastructure, building the foundations of information and technology programs, growing technical knowledge, and contributing to the benefit of all stakeholders and contributing to the reduction of the digital divide in higher education institutions in line with the strategy of improving higher education in the Arab Republic of Egypt.


  1. To operate and maintain a network of information.
  2. To prepare information technology.
  3. To evaluate the quality of the e-learning material.
  4. To train the team members and their assistants to build an educational capital for the academic subject and to work with the portal libraries.
  5. To activate and run an e-mail program for teachers, faculty, and graduates.
  6. To share all correspondences and e-mails via email.
  7. To update the college info, faculty members, and their assistants to the electronic portal.
  8. To train and raise awareness among students about how to make the most of the electronic portal.
  9. To train the education and technological assistance on the use of MIS.
  10. To manage the recipients' accounts at the Virtual Library School.

Administrative structure

  1. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Farid Mohamed (Unit Manager)
  2. Zeinab Sadiq Farghali (a network engineer)
  3. Ahmed Abdel Nabi Hamada (Technical Network)
  4. Manar Taha Mohamed Ahmed (Web Portal Publisher)
  5. Tareq Mohamed Helmy Morsi (Administrative Information System Officer)

Unit services

  • To improve the performance of the network infrastructure
  • To track network malfunctions and Internet points in the faculty.
  • To provide technical assistance to all users of the network as a whole.
  • To add new wired and wireless points to the various departments of the institution.

The E-Gate Project

  • To provide a periodic update on the faculty's website on the Internet on a regular basis to allow each student to know the schedule of the academic courses, access the Faculty Member's page and download research materials for any course, previous tests, reply forms and various evaluations (if any).
  • To change the personal details of faculty members on the faculty website appropriately.
  • To publish the faculty news in Arabic and English on the faculty's website.
  • To publish the faculty members' work on their own pages on the faculty's  website.

E-learning Project

  • Activating some online courses for the different departments of the faculty.
  • Producing new online courses.

Project of digital library

  • Following up on existing digital library accounts for faculty members and their assistants.
  • Putting theses of different departments of the faculty under review on the EULC website.

Information Technology Learning Project

  • Preparing curriculum plans for the curriculum of university personnel on various different training courses in conjunction with the university administration and training program for information technology training at the university.

Management Information Systems Project:

  • Open and activate the e-mail service for students and faculty members.
  • Build and equip classroom autonomy for a number of academic years.
  • Lift the outcomes of the semesters for different academic years.
  • Update the graduate students' data for all academic years.
  • Extract the salaries of the faculty employees (public and private employees) from the existing compensation program.

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