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# Title Department Research Year
1 ROD-WGAN hybrid: A Generative Adversarial Network for Large-Scale Protein Tertiary Structures Information Systems Department 2023
2 Convolutional neural network and 2D logistic-adjusted-Chebyshev-based zero-watermarking of color images Computer Science Department 2023
3 Developing an Efficient Secure Query Processing Algorithm on Encrypted Databases using Data Compression Information Systems Department 2023
4 Which data subset should be augmented for deep learning? a simulation study using urothelial cell carcinoma histopathology images Computer Science Department 2023
5 A Deep Learning Technique to Detect Distributed Denial of Service Attacks in Software-Defined Networks 2023
6 Generating Nature-Resembling Tertiary Protein Structures with Advanced Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) Information Systems Department 2023
7 PLM-GAN: A Large-Scale Protein Loop Modeling Using pix2pix GAN Information Systems Department 2023
8 On the fractional-order simplified Lorenz models: Dynamics, synchronization, and medical image encryption Computer Science Department 2023
9 A novel color image encryption based on fractional shifted Gegenbauer moments and 2D logistic-sine map Computer Science Department 2022
10 Kidney segmentation from DCE-MRI converging level set methods, fuzzy clustering and Markov random field modeling Computer Science Department 2022