Staff Housing

The main priority of Assiut University Hotel is to provide accommodation for new academics, visitors, as well as new senior permanent non-academic staff members, and all categories of people. Assiut University Hotel is located in a very privileged location in the heart of Assiut. As it is only 15 minutes from the railway station and 30 minutes from Assiut Airport.

Assiut University Hotel provides excellent hotel services as it provides rooms and suites that meet all the needs of visitors. The hotel has 64 rooms and 4 suites combining luxury, comfort, and technology. The hotel works regularly all week long and on public holidays. The hotel is available to everyone and is not limited to a specific class of society. The University has a safe location in terms of security provisions and university security control over the administrative building. The hotel deals with major companies, bodies, ministries, sports clubs, and tourism companies.