Legal Service Guide


Legal services is a department within the registration office that provides in-house professional assistance to the university.

These services include:

  • Managing litigation and disputes involving the university (except employment-related matters)
  • Providing legal assistance and advice to the university management.
  • Drafting contracts and advising on contracts (except human resources and matters dealt with by the Research Contracts and Intellectual Property Services Office).
  • Circulating information on legislative changes.
  • Management, administration, and prosecution of student disciplinary matters in the University Student Discipline Tribunal and the University Tribunal of Appeal.
  • Creating appointments of university Commissioners of oaths.

Staff and Location


Legal Services office is located in the University’s Administrative building, 4th Floor, Suite “D”

Telephone numbers

088/2353054 - External

Deputy-Minister and Head of The Central Administration

Mr. Abd El-Haleem Ali

3510 – Internal

Advisories Administration General Manager

Mr. Hassan El Kamel

3240 – Internal

Inspection Administration General Manager

Mr. Mahmoud Abo El- Ma'aly

5294 – Internal

Grievances Administration General Manager

Ms. Azhar Abd El- Rahman

5282 – Internal

Contracts Administration General Manager

Mr. Ahmed Shawqy

5282 – Internal

Lawsuits Administration General Manager

Ms. Suhair Hussien Tawfiq

3522 - Internal

Secretary of Head of the Central Administration for Legal Affairs

3508 – Internal

Legal Services Secretary


Legal Consultant

Mr. Hussien Ibrahim