IT Services


Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS) is a support organization that helps staff and students easily use information and communication technologies to enhance their work process.

ICTS offers different services and support for staff and students.

  1. Servers, file services, and storage
  2. Anti-virus and security, Desktop hardware and software (acquisition, maintenance and support).
  3. Network printing
  4. Training
  5. Email, calendar, and mailing lists phone and fax services, including the main UCT switchboard.
  6. Administrative systems support (such as SAP R/3, PeopleSoft)
  7. Student computing support (such as student labs, residence networking).


The University of Assiut aspires to own the leading network among the Egyptian Universities through wide provision of a solid infrastructure for database, where all the site users of Assiut society are able to find the desired information and expected knowledge easily. Therefore, maintaining the highest records of web indicators subsequently results in gaining the deserved position among the world’s finest Universities.


The established network is set to serve the development of both the University Education and Assiut’s Societal Awareness through the following:

  1. Offering the essential aid for the development of the University’s Educational System.
  2. Supporting the efforts of amplifying Assiut’s Societal Awareness regarding the importance of IT services.
  3. Supporting the coordination efforts between Faculties, Research Centers, and Private Units in order to accomplish communication and magnify the exploitation of the available resources, especially, in the field of Information and Informatics.
  4. Granting a website of an outstanding service on the internet aiming to reach the highest customer service satisfaction levels.
  5. Providing a central gate for communicating information on local, regional, and global levels.
  6. Promoting the Information and Informatics field using the latest scientific methods
  7. Obtaining an open electronic library to serve as a source of information for Researchers and Decision makers.
  8. Contributing to the development of the Human Resources in the field of Information and Informatics.
  9. Solving lawsuits regarding University Education especially in the field of Information and Informatics through obtaining a center of excellence.
  10.  Establishing Electronic Learning to support the University’s Educational Process.


  1. Supervising the maintenance, operation, and development of Assiut’s University website.
  2. Providing technical support for the departments and university units to facilitate the use of IT networks.
  3. Helping the teaching board members and researchers in using computers, internet, and publishing their research and masters abstracts.
  4. Working on facilitating the connection of the local and global information networks through the provision of Scientific/Intellectual collaborative groups for the board members inside and outside the University.
  5. Facilitating the flow of information between the university’s administrations, faculties and associated Centers.
  6. Offering researches, scientific consulting, and reference services regarding university’s masters/abstracts for the Egyptian Universities as well as the exchange of university affiliated information on the internet inside and outside the country.
  7. Contributing in upgrading the Financial and Administrative software programs in all of the University’s faculties, departments, and administrations.
  8. Organizing training programs for students, university Staff, state agencies, public/private Sector and so on.
  9. Participating in the design of the IT programs requested by Universities, Ministries, Enterprises, Authorities and all of the concerned parties.
  10.  Offering technical consulting for Universities, Ministries, Enterprises, Authorities and all of the concerned parties.
  11.  Sharing in the marketing process of the University’s services manifested in its Faculties, Departments, Institution, and units of a special nature to the stage agencies.
  12.  Organizing conferences, councils, and courses to be able to accomplish the mentioned objectives.
IT Services