Human Rights

Human Rights Studies and Research Center’s objectives:

  1. Carrying out specialized studies in the field of Human Rights, especially with regard to the rights of women and children.
  2. Conducting and supervising field research in the field of Human Rights in cooperation with specialized government agencies and in conjunction with the university research centers.
  3. Preparing training programs in the field of Human Rights for university employees and related parties.
  4. Preparing educational programs in the field of Human Rights specialized for workers in government agencies.
  5. Preparing programs for seminars and conferences in the field of Human Rights.
  6. Preparing and implementing general culture of Human Rights programs for students.
  7. Offering Recommendations to prepare university courses for Human Rights and support the development of university courses

The center contains Internal Entities for managing work which are:

  • Studies and Research Entity.
  • Training and Education Entity.
  • Legal clinic, Faculty of Law.
  • Anti-Violence and Discrimination Unit (formerly Anti-Harassment Unit).
  • Under construction: The Family Support and Reproductive Health Unit - the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Unit and other internal entities can be established whenever necessary.

Means of communication with the center:

Correspondence: Assiut Governorate - Assiut University - Administrative Building - First floor, upper - Center for Human Rights Studies and Research.


Mobile: 01272952529

Whatsapp: 01016886876

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