We are working on our goal through implementing and developing new courses that will take our staff one step further and will help them reach the professionalism level and be successful future leaders.


Raising awareness between staff members about continuous self-development through professional training courses that will help our staff members reach a high level of professionalism.

Our Goals

  1. Deployment of training and self-development aspects and their importance for individuals and organizations.
  2. Rehabilitation and development of members who will transfer their experience to society members that will help in developing individuals who will work on society improvements.
  3. Using professional training courses to be up to date with everything happening all over the world.
  4. Developing staff member’s efficiency to match quality guidelines.
  5. Continuous awareness for staff members about self-development in order to reach the strategic goals of the University.
  6. Developing learning process, scientific researches, and group work prospective in order to increase staff’s production to ensure quality assurance.
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