Hiring and leasing

Hiring and leasing

Members of the teaching board are hired at the request of the university's council prior to the confirmation of the faculty, Institution or department. The hiring process starts upon the university council approval.

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Admission requirements and Rewards

General Rules 

Hiring Criteria

University Professors

  1. The Candidate must be a credible holder of a Doctoral degree/PhD from an Egyptian University or an equivalent degree from a Certified Institution or Science Authority that qualifies him/her to occupy the academic position applied for.
  2. The Candidate must be of an immaculate biography and clear reputation.
  3. Six years period must have passed upon their degree receival.

Associate Professors/ Teacher Assistants

  1. The hiring is fully dependent on the announced vacancies.
  2. Overall academic years’ GPA must be equivalent to very good grade.
  3. GPA must be equivalent to good in the major subject.
hiring and leasing