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International Partnerships

International Partnerships

Faculty of Science at Assiut understands the importance of teamwork regarding the development. The importance of international partnerships between organizations is a critical tool for the success of global development initiatives. While making partnerships between organizations requires significant time, effort and maintenance, the benefits of such connections are significant.

  • The faculty of science at AUN makes scientific and cultural agreements with other organizations such as:
  1. Cooperation Agreement between the Faculty of Science - Assiut University and Nagoya University - Japan.
  2. Cooperation Agreement between the Faculty of Science - Assiut University and the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research at the University of Osaka - Japan.
  3. Cooperation Agreement between the Faculty of Sciences - Assiut University and the French University of Montpellier.

The faculty has participated in a joint channel system with different foreign countries, including America, Germany, Japan, Austria, and France for several Ph.D candidates. The staff members have many collaborations and established different joint research agreements with different professors in Europe, United States of America, and Japan.

Many of the staff members visited the above foreign countries in fellowships and scholarship for one or two years. International cooperation also involves receiving the Arab students from Lybia and Yemen; 6 M.Sc.- and Ph.D- international students studied in Zoology Department.