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# Title Department Research Year
1 Sequence stratigraphy and distribution of organic-rich Lower Cretaceous mixed clastic-carbonate strata in Matruh Basin, northwestern Egypt: Constrains on the Tethyan sea level changes, palaeoclimate, and tectonics Department of Geology 29 April 2021
2 Geochemical, mineralogical and sedimentological analyses of reworked sediments (new) in the syn- to post-rift Middle Cretaceous-Quaternary detrital deposits from western Atlantic margin of Cameroon: evidence from sedimentation-erosion alternation in the c Department of Geology 28 January 2021
3 Production and development of novel drug targets through AI Botany and Microbiology Department 2024
4 Boosting photocatalytic water splitting of TiO2 using metal (Ru, Co, or Ni) co-catalysts for hydrogen generation Department of chemistry 2024
5 Realizing the topological rainbow based on cavity-coupled topological edge state Department of physics 2024
6 Facile one-step deposition of nanosized Ni(OH)2–MoS2 heterostructure electrodes for efficient oxygen evolution reaction Department of physics 2024
7 Structural analysis and photocatalytic degradation towards methylene blue using (Nb0.5Si0.5)xTi1 xO2 nanocomposites Department of physics 2024
8 Fabrication and characterization of structured Zn1-xCdxWO4 (0≤ x≤ 1) with tunable photoluminescent and promising applicable heterometallic nanocomposites in shielding properties Department of physics 2024
9 Synthesize of ZnO and CuO nanoparticles with plasma jet at different treatment times and testing its optical parameters with UV-Vis-NIR Department of physics 2024
10 Nanostructured sustainable carbon derived from biomass as catalyst support for alumina in catalytic methanol conversion to DME as hydrogen carrier Department of chemistry 2024