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Master Degree

Master’s degree.

We acknowledge the importance of postgraduate studies and research in science not only to enhance career prospects that can be gained by taking a Master in Science, but also to develop valuable personal skills and fulfill an essential prerequisite to PhD study.

Master in Mathematics Department:

1. M.Sc. Degree in Pure Mathematics

2. M.Sc. Degree in Applied Mathematics

3. M.Sc. Degree in Mathematical Statistics

4. M.Sc. Degree in Computer Science

5. M.Sc. Degree in Scientific Computing

Master in Physics Department

1. M.Sc. Degree in Solid State Physics

2. M.Sc. Degree in Nanomaterials

3. M.Sc. Degree in Nuclear Physics

4. M.Sc. Degree in Radiation Physics

5. M.Sc. Degree in Plasma Physics

6. M.Sc. Degree in Laser Physics

7. M.Sc. Degree in Theoretical Physics

8. M.Sc. Degree in Medical Physics


Master In chemistry Department

1. M.Sc. Degree in Analytical Chemistry

2. M.Sc. Degree in Inorganic Chemistry

3. M.Sc. Degree in Organic Chemistry:

4. M.Sc. Degree in Physical Chemistry

5. M.Sc. Degree in Biochemistry

Master in Geology Department

1- M.Sc. Degree in Applied Geophysics

2- M.Sc. Degree in Petroleum Geology

3- M.Sc. Degree in Stratigraphy & Fossils

4- M.Sc. Degree in Sedimentary Geology

5- M.Sc. Degree in Structural Geology

6- M.Sc. Degree in Hydrology

7- M.Sc. Degree in Igneous & Metamorphic Rocks

8- M.Sc. Degree in Economic Geology

Master in Botany and Microbiology Department

1. M.Sc. Degree in Plant Physiology

2. M.Sc. Degree in Plant Ecology

3. M.Sc. Degree in Taxonomy of Flowering Plants and Flora of Egypt

4. M.Sc. Degree in Microbiology

Master in Zoology and Entomology Department

1. M.Sc. Degree in Cell Biology

2. M.Sc. Degree in Histology and Histochemistry

3. M.Sc. Degree in Invertebrates

4. M.Sc. Degree in Parasitology

5. M.Sc. Degree in Physiology

6. M.Sc. Degree in Fish Biology

7. M.Sc. Degree in Comparative anatomy and Embryology

8. M.Sc. Degree in Immunology


  • Students should have obtained a bachelor’s degree in science from one of the faculties of science in Egypt or an equivalent qualification, with the accumulated grade of “c+” in all subjects, And “B” at least in the specialized subject.
  • The graduate student must have at least 2 free days weekly to apply.


Studying system

  • Studying starts in October and ends in February
  • Exams take place in February and June
  • Exams are held during February and June.
  • 52 Credit hours.
  • A student who fails in one or more courses in the Pre-Masters will apply the next year, and if his failure is repeated, his enrollment will be canceled for the degree and it may be re-enrolled in another major.
  • Student must make a scientific symposium once he/she register.
  • TOEFL or its equivalent degree is a must before applying to the M.Sc.
  • To get an approval for formulating the ruling committee you should;
  • Get an acceptance to publish a research in a local or foreign scientific journal. Or Full published article to conference
  • Attend a scientific conference and workshop in the field of specialization.

Duration period

Not less than two years

Duration of study is at least two years:

  • The first stage: One Preliminary year
  • The second stage: One year for the registration of the research topic.

Searching for a period of no less than two years from the date of registration or one year from the date of registration