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Community Contact Unit

Community Contact Unit

The establishment of the unit

The unit was established in 2008 and authorized on 20/7/2008 under the supervision of the Vice-President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Faculty of Science.


The Community Contact Unit aims to achieve the primary objective of opening up communication networks between the faculty, external Institutions to provide work opportunities for graduates The Faculty of Science also benefits from these bodies and institutions in conducting seminars and training sessions to raise the awareness of students and graduates of the labor market and teach them how to meet their requirements, as the unit tracks the surrounding environmental concerns and finds solutions to them.


  1. To provide a range of programs.
  2. To recognize the actual needs of the local society.
  3. To provide a written and approved strategy to support the community and improve the environment.
  4. To provide education campaigns to support the community and to improve the environment.
  5. To strengthen the connection between the faculty and the external community.
  6. To provide practical approaches to social and environmental problems.