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Scientific Consulting and Services Center

Scientific Consulting and Services Center


The Center of Consulting and Scientific Services at the Faculty of Science aims at serving the mission of the faculty and university in the area of ​​Public service and environmental sustainability.
The establishment of the center emanates from the faculty belief in the innovative role of the university in improving its scientific and technical capacity in community service organizations in meeting the increasing needs of the scientific society and addressing the current issues by sound scientific methods.
The Center was founded after the approval of the Supreme Council of Universities in 3/15/2003 as a special entity. The center is financially, technically, and administratively independent. It follows the supervision of The Ministry of Finance and has an account within the consolidated treasury accounts.

The establishment of the center:

In 15/2/2003, the center was established as a special unit after the approval of the Supreme Council of Universities.


The Center of Scientific Consulting and Services at the Faculty of Science aims at being an integrated center for knowledge in the field of research, analysis, and scientific evaluation in the chemical and microbiological industries, industrial materials, and natural materials. The center seeks establishing a high-level institution that utilizes the capabilities of the Faculty of Science, the experience of its members, and its distinguished research laboratories, which are equipped with the latest technology in all disciplines of science, including chemistry, plants, microbiology, animals, insects, geology, physics, mathematics, and computer science, to offer research advice and services to all institutions and businesses bodies at local, regional and national level. Moreover, the center is characterized with its ability to offer a range of research and advisory services to meet the needs of society.


To achieve the mission of the faculty and university in the areas of community service and environmental sustainability as well as the provision of research and consulting services in the fields of chemistry, physics, geology, mathematics, computer science, plants, microbiology, animals, and insects. The center ensures that these products are of a high quality and follows the Egyptian and international standards in order to contribute to the development of society and environment.

Objectives of the Center:

  1. The Center offers distinguished and advanced research facilities and workshops in all fields of basic sciences: chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer, geology, plants, microbiology, animals, insects, and their industries
  2. Conducting scientific studies, analyzes, and measurements as well as testing and analyzing natural, industrial, and chemical materials.
  3. Supervising the chemical and microbiological industries and studying the nature of the goods, different phases of production, and the construction of production lines.
  4. Conducting biological, physical, and microbial analysis as well as identifying the microbial contaminants and environmental pollutants in all kinds of food and feed products.
  5. Providing faculty members with the required skills to present their research and practical knowledge in a way that benefits the community and improves their field of experience in a way that reflects positively on the educational process and the quality of the graduates’ skills.
  6. Employing the capabilities of the numerous laboratories associated with the center and providing a high technical standard in carrying out the studies, analyzes, and measurements required for natural materials and products used in different industries and the finished products as well as food and feed.
  7. Creating computer applications for various corporate bodies and developing information management systems.
  8. Provide slides, studies, and various research films to support the science and higher education sectors.
  9. Organizing training courses for individuals, organizations, and graduates in a number of fields related to the activities of the center.